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The information contained on this website has been prepared by Brody & Korman PLLC for advertising purposes, in order to provide clients and potential clients with information on who we are and what we do. It is not intended to reflect a promise, guarantee, contract, obligation or specific offer of any kind by Brody & Korman PLLC. Brody & Korman PLLC shall not be obligated to accept representation of a person with respect to any particular legal matter.

The content of this website is also not intended to constitute legal advice of any kind. Before taking any steps which may impact your legal rights, you should contact an attorney of your choosing.

Please note that no attorney-client relationship will be established by sending us an email. If you wish to contact us regarding Brody & Korman PLLC potentially representing you with respect to a new legal matter, we encourage you do so via telephone at (716) 633-5432. Please do not email us information, unless you have previously spoken with an attorney at this firm who has requested that you do so.

Also, please be aware that a statute of limitations may impose a strict deadline on your ability to bring a lawsuit or deal with a potential claim, and therefore, if you believe that you have the basis for a lawsuit or potential claim, you should contact an attorney immediately.

The attorneys of Brody & Korman PLLC are licensed to practice in New York State.


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